The Japanese culture event – June 2016

On June 18th, two events took place that were strictly connected to the Japanese culture.

– an event with the Japanese culture in the theatre, which was a part of the end of the school year event for the learners of the BJ Language Centre. It included: the theatre play “Searching for Love” on the basis of the Japanese story “Marriage with a mouse”. This event has been covered by the honorary patronage of Japanese Embassy in Poland. The prizes for the “Knowledge of Japan” have been provided by Fujitsu, which hires around 2000 employees in Łódź.

– III edition of the Sushi Day in Łódź, in which a couple of restaurants served Japanese dishes in one place – Piotrkowska Str. 217.

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Cooperation with the Art Centre of Polesie

As of 2016, thanks to the cooperation with the Polish Art Centre of Polesie, theatrical workshops of the Ai Foundation, can to take place in bigger rooms than before. This creates new possibilities to work alongside Ms. Eri Mizutani from the National Film School in Łódź, as well as with other people that contribute to preparing the group of 15 members for the theatre play in Japanese language.

The Ai Foundation on the 20th anniversary of Mitsubishi in Poland

On February 26th, the Ai Foundation was given a chance to participate in the 20th anniversary of the Polish branch of Mitsubishi. Here is the photo gallery.